Do You Want A Killer Content Strategy? We Have Got The Guide For You

by shivamujoshi October 25, 2017

Now that you’re here, we’re convinced that you’re looking for a bad-ass content strategy; content that can create ripples and get your competitors talking. Well, worth a work, because knowing content better is like owning a magic wand, with a swish of which, you can shape your business and channel some fantastic growth. But caution here, content, often times, is belittled to words strewn in a grammar thread. There are only a few rarest, who’ve scratched it deeper and revealed how it’s properly done. Content cuts through the ice when it’s relevant, eloquent and in tow with rulebook and ethics of digital marketing practices. What we call as SEO-friendly in layman’s language.

Additionally, it’s equally important to know that how much content you actually need. And, what content consistency your brand should abide to, for engaging audience better and at what stretch. Hands down, it’s no mean feat. Even the industry stalwarts have admitted to missing the bus and failing at creating content that resonates.

That being said, let’s break down all we’ve said above in pointers.

  • Brands need relevant content to make a mark.
  • Avoid fillers and fluffs.
  • Content must be well-optimized to drive organic traffic. SEO is a lifeline.
  • Not all brands need same volume of content. It could be less, but impactful.
  • Consistency is the key. Know when your content should be updated.
  • Last, it should be interesting and coherent.

Since the cacophony is huge and deafening and there’s pretty much a dearth of good resources to get that ‘killer’ advice, we have thought to duly address the issue and calm the storm down. This post pivots around the most heated topic that’s put the best minds in a fix – How to Create Content Strategy That Engages the Audience?
Take deep breaths. Here, we begin!

Set An Agenda

shivam joshi
No business walks in the dark. It recognizes the goals time to time and tailor its strategies accordingly. That said, if you’re seeking to develop a competitive and profitable business, chalk out your agenda (like what goal your business should reach first and till what time) and create content that draws you closer to your goals, daily. Doing this, you’ll actually work out a winning strategy and expedite your growth. You’ll get a clarity on purpose, to say the least.

Your strategy can be targeting any or all of the following goals.

  • Increased page views
  • Converted leads
  • Organic traffic
  • Enhanced promotion

Remember, it’s important to look at the larger picture and make small, but significant contributions as and when required.

Eye Your Competitors

Put on your prying shoes to know what are your competitors are doing and why they are already there. Do a quality analysis of their content and look into the numbers to know how the content is performing and from where it’s getting the maximum traffic. There are several analytics tools in the industry that’re perfect enough to give you crucial insights into a content’s overall performance. Ahrefs and SEMrush are the most popular ones.

Knowing your competitors’ strategies means decoding the success formula, navigating the market challenges and beating them in their own game (ouch!)

Select Your Target Audience

The world is indeed your stage, but you’re for a specific role. Identify that and go for the kill. Every kind of business has its own unique niche and a set of audience that it constantly tries to cast it in the nets. For instance: Kinder Joy wafer-balls have kids as its customers. And, MAC lipsticks have loyal women fandom. The brands attract the audience where they find the most lucrative business coming from. You need to do just that (identifying target audience and creating content that suits their requirements) and get ready for some niche thrill.

Know what audience is largely curious about. Study their search behavior on Google and on sites, like Reddit and Quora. Stalk them on social media, do intimate research and plug yourself into the viral trends. Get practical as far as you can, because a robotic approach will not do. This will help you know the audience’s interests and what type of content is actually keeping them busy.

Use your research to create a successful content strategy and leverage your business like never before.

Build An Awesome Team

Sounding a hackneyed advice? Then, be it. Because you can’t do everything on your own, having a content-oriented team will mean that your content will be constantly monitored, supervised and customized to suit the greater needs. If you’re planning to go solo, back off, my fellow human, since you’ll only be taking everything down the drain. Build a team, strategize, allocate tasks and supervise. This way, you’ll neither sacrifice the quality, nor consistency. You’ll only be pacing up well with the industry, and comfortably at that.

Finding writers and editors is difficult. But, the crop of excellence does exist. Hire the best in the business, identify their strengths and harness their potential to make your content stand out from the rest.

Try Having a Brand Voice Of Your Own

This’s actually not a cakewalk. Developing a brand voice is something most brands don’t really excel at. You need to coin a very distinctive writing style to emerge at the top of the heap. If done right, your content will shine.

It’s proven that brands, which have whipped out its own brand voice, have turned out more successful than others. The premise is basically the same – be unique.

Outreach, Go Everywhere

Outreach might require you to work your arse off, but it’s worth a shot. For taking your brand to places, you need to create a list of websites and blogs of the same niche, having good analytics, of course. This way, your content will be seen everywhere and help you build your brand’s ecosystem. It’s more like leaving your signature everywhere.

This will make your content thrive in a sense that you’ll be eventually cashing in on the user base of the site/blog you’ve approached and will be able to do a level of brand awakening. Your posts will reach more people, will be liked and shared more. You will pump in leads and spur organic traffic.

Besides this, there’s potential in finding some referring domains and get quality backlinks.

Other Ways to Promote Your Content Are As Follows:

Email Marketing: Do content promotion by sending emails to hundreds and thousands of email IDs. Agreed, you’ll be required to slog hours away to find email addresses, but tools like Hunter.io and Slik.ai can save you a ton of time and efforts.

Fill In Contact Forms and Approach Forums: Almost every blogger site has a contact form embedded to it, allowing you to add information and give content links. All you need to do is finding the blogs of your niche, fill in the contact forms and direct traffic to your content by providing links in the bio. You can also do the same by approaching relevant forums.

Social Media Promotion: Over a half (perhaps, even more) of the world’s population sits on social media. That makes up for all the exposure you’ve ever needed. Facebook closed groups mean serious business. You can post your content links with a little introduction, so as to give an essence into what your blog essentially contains. This is also important to not come off as spammy. After Facebook, LinkedIn is extremely professional. You can either post your content or connect with industry professionals to bugle your content. This is very effective if you’re interested in building a genuine base.

That’s all for this guide to creating a brilliant content strategy. For most such posts and suggestions that simplify digital marketing, keep visiting this space. Your feedback is welcomed. This is Shivam Joshi signing off till my next post.

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