How to Design and Utilize Contact Us Page to Maximize Your Conversion Rate?

by shivamujoshi August 17, 2017

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll have learned answers to the three most important questions:

  • Why does a contact page matter?
  • Why is it essential to optimize it smartly and how can you achieve this?
  • Which companies have become pros at designing a contact us page and are coming good?

You don’t realize it now, but in the next couple of minutes, you’ll have a knowledge detox on how contact us page can double up the conversion and ramp up your business. You’ll soon stop playing to the script and redo your contact page (if you’ve one) to make your business live.

Without a wait, let’s dive right in!

Why does a contact us page matter?

Because a contact us page provides information the viewers need to get in touch with the company. It’s where they find the office address or phone numbers to reach a brand.

But, that’s lame to play down its importance to this.

A contact us page is where a potential customer gets converted to a lead. A customer approaches you only when if he feels that your services are exactly what he is looking out for. Once satisfied, he connects with you by either a call, an email, or a physical letter. You respond, explain, negotiate and that’s how, a deal verges on a completion.

If we’re to go by this, a contact us page is your ticket to a new customer. And, if a sale happens, it’s also a key to boosting your conversion rate.

That sounds a star strategy already!

Moreover, if a contact us page is made with intelligence, you can easily get the contact details of a customer trying to connect with you. All you need to do is prepare a page with the right details that can help you establish a relationship. Put in sections where you ask your customer to enter his email address, phone number or anything, using which, you can easily reach him anytime later.
Since you’ve now stored the information and have a directory of customers maintained, you can reach millions in a go and do brand marketing in new strides.

What we’re saying is no ‘fire without smoke’. It works. But only if you have a strong sense of purpose and a right strategy at hands to gain that extra mileage over your competitors. After all, no high road to success is ever easy. It takes a bit from you, each day.

Well today, you’ll be knowing the knack of creating a high-retention contact us page. This post goes through all the techniques that almost guarantee maximum engagement from every click the page receives.

Time to learn the ropes, dear ‘you’. So, keep reading….

Why is it essential to optimize it smartly and how can you achieve this?

Here’s a bitter fact: The ‘contact us’ page you’ve largely neglected as nothing can actually be the mother of your digital success.

We love to call it – the underdog!

As explained already, it is the contact us page where all the things begin. If created, utilized and optimized wisely, it could be the gold mine of success. And, the strategies we’ve mentioned below will assist you in doing the same. Read on!

Hit The Nail Straight On The Head: Give the solutions your customers are looking for.

Your contact us page must be clear about your intentions of helping the customers and in what ways. Create a sense of confidence, give them a reason why they should contact you, and how you’ve got the specialization to get them sorted.

Don’t Trip Over Your Grammar: Make no mistakes with your Ps and Qs

Grammar throws a learning curve at you, we know. However, don’t make a mess of your grammar on your contact us page, as this might cost you dearly. You might come out amateurish in approach and shun all chances of user engagement. Do yourself a favor – work out a contact us page that’s properly scanned for any grammar gaffes.

Simplicity Matters: Keep Your Contact Us Page Sweet

Don’t make a muck of your contact us page. Don’t populate it with content. Keep it neat, simple and filled up with details that carry relevance. Include your phone numbers, email addresses and other short form columns to log your customer information. Or, probably a call-to-action plug that directs them straight to meat without the need of completing the form.

Say You’re Social: Link All Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest Handles

A rational business will always think of linking the social media handles to its contact us page. Why? Because there is a whole universe out there to reach and connect with, in a few clicks only. Moreover, this will also promote a sense of personal being for your business.

This packs pretty much everything your contact us page needs to have for better conversion. Integration with a thank you page is also a good idea to try. Trials and errors are obvious. But, doing what’s incredible is non-negotiable always, especially when it’s your hard-earned business at the receiving end.

Which companies have become pros at designing a contact us page and are coming good?

Your business is your oxygen. Not a chewing gum you can throw.

For some inspiration, we’ve got the best contact us pages we’ve seen lately. You can take good points from the ideas below and set yourself apart from the flock.

And, never to say, innovation is always welcome. You can always merge our advice with some piece of your innovation to create the best of the best contact us page.

Example 1 – Achieve 3000

achieve3000, shivamujoshi
Reasons Why We Find It Attractive

  • In a first, the website clears the air on what contact us page has in store for its visitors.
  • It’s well-defined. Visitors can select the option they need from the three options given, which takes to a separate landing page. No hassling with cooked-up details all over.
  • Minimum contact on every page. To the point.
  • Go down to find address, email ID and phone number of the company, along with all social media tabs.

Score: 6.5/10 for its neat, intuitive style.

Example 2 – Jet Blue

Reasons Why We Find It Attractive

  • Provides for clear navigation. The top section elaborates what visitors will find inside and a bunch of direct links to commonly asked questions.
  • For those looking for specific information, select a topic and get answers.
  • There are also separate landing pages to finding phone numbers, email addresses and the form for requesting receipts.
  • Below, there are social media links, along with So Fly tab – a place where visitors can see a collection of pics from JetBlue travelers.

Score: 8/10 for merging FAQs and contact details at one place. It puts the user at total ease.

Example 3 – Morroni

Reasons Why We Find It Attractive

  • Oversimplified. No embroidering at all.
  • There is a form the visitors can fill easily while gushing over their pizzas. Only relevant sections and no nonsense.
  • A great way to know if the user isn’t a robot. “How’s your math? 2+5”. Nice-looking!
  • Below, a map showing the routes to the company’s address, along with social media handles and an integrated Careers tab.

Score: 7.5/10 for its simplistic design with a touch of class.

Example 4 – QuickSprout

Reasons We Find It Attractive

  • Not a vanilla setup, but comprises an infographic, breaking down the email contents of its owner Neil Patel and the intensity of both incoming and outgoing emails.
  • In a way, it foretells that the management will take some time to respond, or read the visitors’ emails.
  • And, just in case someone is too adamant to contact him, there is an email form below with a sweet disclaimer – send only a paragraph or condense it. Such busy person Neil Patel is!

Score: 7/10 for putting up great information on how the emails will be dealt with by the management. It’s quite blunt too!

Example 5 – Elluminati

Reasons Why We Find It Attractive

  • Space is beautifully organized on the page with sufficient breathers.
  • A Google Map as you open the page, which is a quality addition for both desktop and mobile users.
  • Color blocks which look subtle and eye-catchy.
  • Quite elemental. Too many great elements done with a full-toothed-comb approach.
  • Certain options on the form have integrated drop-down menus, saving you a lot of effort.
  • A whole row of social media links.
  • There is also a virtual chat agent, the bot.

Score: 8.5/10 for being friendly and practical to help the audience to the fullest. The hierarchy of information is really good. You can simply expect what’s coming up next.

That’s all on how to create and utilize your contact us page for better conversion. To master the art of marketing, keep visiting my blog and read the posts. For feedback and queries, reach the comments section below.

Images: [1,2,3,4,5]

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